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Welcome to the world’s largest, living ecosystem of global real-world data and evidence for the life sciences and healthcare communities.

Discover the power of TriNetX, the largest global source of real-world data, as we revolutionize drug development and medical research. Beyond merely providing data, we offer end-to-end support throughout the drug development lifecycle. Our extensive research capabilities empower researchers to publish groundbreaking findings in prestigious medical journals while leveraging our platform technologies, integrated analytics, and downloadable data sets. From optimizing clinical trial designs to refining post-market safety measures, we offer comprehensive solutions that drive innovation and elevate healthcare standards worldwide. Join us in shaping a safer, healthier future, where every data point contributes to better patient outcomes and medical advancements.

Empowering Global Research: Leading the Way in Real-World Data for Comprehensive Drug Development

Enhance Study Feasibility

Evaluate criteria, comparators, and endpoints based on real-world data spanning domains from diagnoses to genomic variants. Leverage insights from real-world data (rwd) and real-world evidence (rwe) studies to enhance drug development and learn about real-world medicine and health. Test criteria against patients receiving care now.

Streamline Trial Site Collaboration

Utilize real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) to identify potential clinical trial sites and facilitate connections between sponsors and healthcare organizations serving patients seeking care.

Generate RWE & Unlock Insights

Answer questions of safety, efficacy, and value for all your stakeholders, from patients to regulators. Benefit from expert evidence strategists for optimized solutions leveraging real-world data to generate the insights for healthcare systems and clinical research.

Mitigate Drug Safety Signals

Discover the next generation of pharmacovigilance. Combine harmonized drug safety data from public sources with EHR and claims to enhance signaling algorithms for drug safety.

Expanding the boundaries of research and care

Hear how TriNetX power users at Sanofi, the Medical University of South Carolina, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are conducting more, and more informed, research.

...what attracted us to the system was the ability to do real-time querying in support of our protocol optimization goals."

Victoria DiBiaso

Global Head Clinical Operations Strategy & Collaboration, Sanofi ready for your researchers to be very excited."

Amy Jo Jenkins

Director, Clinical Trials Administration, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

...being a member of TriNetX allows MUSC to remain on the forefront of clinical research."

Signe Denmark, MS, CCRP

Associate Director Research Opportunities & Collaborations, Medical University of South Carolina


Real-world data and evidence that runs a mile wide…

patient lives

healthcare organizations providing continuous, comprehensive, up-to-the-month data

countries in North and South America, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific

…and a mile deep.

date- and patient-specific clinical observations available for download

lab results in the typical record of U.S. and EMEA patients

years of clinical history on more than 40 million patients around the globe

Navigate an ocean of clinical data your way.

TriNetX LIVE™ Platform

Our intuitive query builder makes it easy to query millions of de-identified patient records, continuously updated and harmonized to common terminologies like ICD-10-CM, CPT, and LOINC. Once you’ve defined your cohorts, head into Advanced Analytics to uncover treatment patterns, compare outcomes, and more. Looking to enroll these patients in a trial? Contact the healthcare organizations supplying these records with a few clicks.

Downloadable Data Sets

Spanning domains from diagnoses to genomic variants, our datasets attribute every observation to a patient id, encounter, and date, making it straightforward to build robust longitudinal pictures of today’s patients. We deliver the data in a universal, ready-to-use format—a set of CSVs with primary and secondary key relationships—to give you the freedom to analyze on any platform you choose.  

Discover EVIDEX®

A pharmacovigilance platform with fully integrated, comprehensive, global, real-world data and evidence that empowers you to detect, analyze, and manage signals in a thorough, transparent, and compliant manner.

Go Farther with TriNetX Experts

Make our team an extension of your own. We are epidemiologists, HEOR specialists, and clinical science consultants who live and breathe real-world evidence. If we can’t generate that evidence from our millions of records on hand, we’ll partner with our network of world-leading care and research centers to pull the right charts.  

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