Study Feasibility and Site Identification

Our Design, Find, & Select offerings help you launch trials that accrue on time, using de-identified real-world data from today’s patients

Ready your trial for the real world.

Trials that accrue quickly and end on time meet patients where they are, both geographically and along their health journey. Equipped with our federated network of enriched EHR data, our clinical analysts deliver up-to-date intelligence on both: site identification and study feasibility. From medical history to recent lab values, you now have access to the data you need to match your study’s eligibility criteria to today’s patients. You also have a breakdown of where these patients receive care and, through TriNetX Connect, a direct line to the trial offices representing their care team. Our Design, Find, & Select services deliver actionable insights for aligning protocol, patient, and site, so you can avoid costly amendments, meet study timelines, and get answers sooner.

How it Works

Whichever offering you choose, we’ll pair you with the right clinical analyst on our team. They will query our global network of more than 250M de-identified patient records to determine how many meet your initial inclusion and exclusion criteria. The next steps depend on which offering you choose.

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Educate your eligibility criteria with real-world data on millions of current patients

Over two consultation sessions with you, the clinical analyst will review each eligibility criterion, alone and in combination, to determine its impact on the size and diversity of study candidates. Determinations are based on real-world data from patients in the region your study will target.

Based on these results, the analyst will deliver a report that:

  • converts your criteria to the codes and terms your eventual trial sites will use to find patients for your study
  • provides an overall patient count for the country or region in which you plan to enroll
  • Indicates your target population’s demographics
  • quantifies how much each criteria limits your eligible population
  • supplies alternative criteria that broaden eligibility while retaining the experimental validity of your design
histogram of patients who qualify for a study

Treatment with lipid-lowering agentsreduces your cohort by 27%.


Take the guesswork out of site identification.

Based on the criteria you give to us, the Clinical Analyst will deliver a report indicating which of our network healthcare organizations are caring for the patients you want to enroll, along with how many. You’ll also receive:

  • a projection of potentially eligible patients who will present at these organizations over the next 12 months, based on historical data
  • the impact of your criteria on race, ethnicity, and sex strata
  • the opportunity to invite the organizations you choose to participate in your study, via our turnkey trial exchange platform, TriNetX Connect

Healthcare organizations within TriNetX can re-identify the exact patients you’d like to enroll, so you can get to First Patient Screened in record time.

list of healthcare organizations anonymized

Actual report will include the nameof the healthcare organization.


Go from protocol draft to site outreach with help from our team, data, and platform.

Leverage the benefits of our Design and Find services into a single solution for faster enrollment and greater site and patient retention. You and your analyst will refine your eligibility, contact the relevant healthcare organizations, and collect site responses together.

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