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Better Data for Better Research DISCOVERIES.

Enrich your data and expand your research opportunities as part of a global community advancing safer and more effective therapies for better patient care.

TriNetX puts longitudinal, globally sourced patient data into your hands — and in front of trial sponsors seeking your experience. Healthcare organizations across the globe use the TriNetX LIVE™ platform every day to empower their researchers, collaborate with other institutions, and participate in more clinical trials. The result? Opportunity for you and your patients.

TriNetX provides a world of opportunities to Penn State investigators.

Neal Thomas
Associate Dean for Clinical Research, Penn State College of Medicine

Enrich your data.
  • Harmonize all your data, from EHR and other sources, on our powerful platform for rapid cohort discovery and analysis.
  • Participate in our global, collaborative healthcare networks to conduct deeper real-world research. We map local codes to common terminologies, including ICD-10-CM and LOINC.
  • Where possible, link your EHR data with claims, mortality records, and other sources from the TriNetX network for a more complete picture of the patient. Query this enriched dataset on our platform or download a dataset.
Expand your research opportunities.
  • Increase engagement with trial sponsors seeking partners for interventional and chart review studies.
  • Collaborate with peer institutions on multi-site, investigator-initiated research.
  • Use derived data for academic publications and grant submissions.

Healthcare organizations around the world choose TriNetX

The results are in. Healthcare organizations within our community have advanced their own research, secured more sponsored trials, and improved patient outcomes. Let our healthcare partners tell you how.

Join the TriNetX Revolution

Explore possibilities of real-world data to accelerate clinical research and advance patient care.

Life Science Partners

When you join TriNetX, you attract opportunity from study sponsors advancing new treatments around the world. Become part of the data ecosystem that life sciences and healthcare organizations are relying on more every day to improve patients’ lives.

Know your patients.

How many patients in your organization have type 2 diabetes? Which comorbidities are common for your patients with congenital heart disease? Our powerful and intuitive query builder answers your questions, delivering instant patient counts with in-depth information about your cohort.

Understand their journey.

Knowing a patient’s journey is key to building better programs for care. Using TriNetX, explore comorbidities, medications, procedures, and treatment pathways for your patient cohort. Using the TriNetX platform’s powerful analytical tools, you can explore long-term patient outcomes and account for the many variables life throws our way, helping you find the right treatments for the best health outcomes.


Bring treatments to them faster.

TriNetX works with the world’s top biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate research and get treatments to your patients faster. With thousands of clinical trial opportunities presented to healthcare organizations within the TriNetX network every year, being part of our community allows you to attract more trials to your institution and collaborate with peer healthcare organizations on the cutting-edge of clinical science.

Collaborate and publish with peers.

TriNetX has been a trusted source of data for many of the leading research institutions around the globe. With TriNetX data, you can be confident that all real-world evidence generated is publishable, shareable, and actionable. Share medical insights and improve patient lives.


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Solutions to Amplify Your Clinical Real-World Data Research

Join us as we examine how rich and timely clinical data, unified in a research-ready environment, can provide clinical researchers with the best opportunity to accelerate published research and advance outcomes.

Gain new insights.

We’ve joined the TriNetX network to improve the way we use data to drive research across NHSGGC and with our partner organizations. Joining the network will also help us share information about our patient populations in a secure and de-identified way and to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials and research that benefits us all.

Charlie Mayor, PhD

Safe Haven Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board

Attract more trials.

We are getting an average of one to two study opportunities per week … the pipeline of studies TriNetX has exposed us to is amazing. It’s been a 20- to 30-fold increase of opportunities compared to what we were getting from many other sources.

David Kaelber, MD, PhD, MPH

Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Vice President of Health Informatics, MetroHealth

Deliver better care.

[Our research] can have a huge difference in whether someone continues treatment or is relegated to palliative care… It’s a crucial discovery in making potentially life or death treatment decisions.

Dr. Steven Wolf

Division Chief of Burn, Trauma, and Acute Care Surgery in the Department of Surgery, UTMB Health

What Drives Us

Hear from Gadi Lachman, the President and Chief Executive Officer of TriNetX, as he shares how we are supporting the global research community to empower better care decisions for patients faster.

Join the Healthcare Research Revolution

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