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SEE THE WORLD in remarkable clinical detail.

“A mile wide and a mile deep.” That’s the standard we set for the data we collect and harmonize every day.

Our network of healthcare organizations brings you tens of billions of clinical facts on more than 300 million patients around the world. Best of all, our federated model means that users of this data are ensured new patients, observations, and results every day, all harmonized to standard terminology like ICD-10 and LOINC without any data wrangling required at the point of care.

With healthcare partnerships around the globe, TriNetX is your source for the freshest clinical data for all the patients you serve.

Take a data-driven trip around the world with the interactive map below.

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“Are you a software company? A data company? A consulting company?”

Yes, yes, and yes. To put it simply, we’re an answer company. TriNetX is committed to helping you unearth insights that will lead to better patient care and treatment options. How you get there depends on your challenge. Need a fast, reliable answer to an incidence or prevalence question? Turn to our platform-based analytics. Want to understand the patient journey, from changing creatinine levels to cost of care? Our linked EHR and claims dataset has what you need. Ready to collaborate with the sharpest minds in real-world data? Our consulting team can’t wait to join forces with you.

EHR, tumor registries, genomic databases, and claims linked and harmonized to common terminologies for in-depth analysis

300M+ patient lives

250M+ patient lives

healthcare organizations providing continuous, comprehensive, up-to-the month data

countries in North and South America, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific, including Japan

lab results in the typical record of U.S. and EMEA patients

date- and patient-indexed clinical observations available for download

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Explore possibilities of real-world data to accelerate clinical research and advance patient care.

Going Beyond What's Possible

As a global force, TriNetX continues to navigate uncharted territories with an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare ecosystem.

Far beyond being a repository of information, TriNetX serves as a strategic partner in connecting health systems, providers, and researchers worldwide through our extensive real-world patient data that runs a mile wide and a mile deep.

From trial operations to evidence generation, we put you at the forefront of discovery. ​


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