Your trusted source for real-world analyses crafted from longitudinal, representative real-world data for oncology care across Europe

TriNetX Oncology GmbH is your trusted source for TherapyMonitor – comprehensive analyses revealing current disease prevalence, treatment patterns, and market dynamics based on longitudinal, indication-specific patient level data.

TriNetX Oncology GmbH collaborates with renowned medical experts and pharmaceutical leaders to generate fit-for-purpose database specifications to match the desired study objectives scoping for oncological and rare-disease indications. By gathering complete, representative, and high-quality data, TherapyMonitor reflects the variety of cancer care across the continent.

TherapyMonitor Projects are developed from longitudinal, indication-specific, structured and unstructured, highly curated patient-level data, including:
  • Comprehensive individual patient demographics and disease characteristics
  • Highly granular diagnostics and cytogenetics data, therapy and drug-specific data including timestamps for all therapy events modifications
  • Detailed information on outcomes, assessment method and progression and/or relapse definition according to clinical guidelines including caregiver definition. The outcomes are available for each separate treatment line
  • Institutional characteristics and patient clinical pathway


including Germany, France, Spain, and United Kingdom


hematological diseases and solid tumors

Patient Lives

rich in patient and disease characteristics, treatment history, outcomes assessments/definition of progression and relapse, and institutional data

TherapyMonitor Projects

Regulatory-grade data based on representative samples of patients and healthcare organizations in each country of scope

TriNetX Oncology’s flagship TherapyMonitor is based on the collection of thousands of variables per patient along their treatment journey, tracing back to the initial diagnosis of the disease in question. In TherapyMonitor, all patient data is rendered fully anonymous.


representative sample

based on regional epidemiological research and healthcare structure assessment, representing the distribution of treated prevalence to applicable healthcare sectors


treated prevalence

Analysis precision: 95% CL / 05% CI

Ongoing TherapyMonitor Projects

Multiple Myeloma (MM)

Countries: Germany

Running Since: January 2016

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Countries: Germany, Spain

Running Since: January 2022

Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)

Countries: Germany

Running Since: January 2020

Myelofibrosis (MF)

Countries: Germany

Running Since: January 2020

Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)

Not started yet 

Inside a Hematological TherapyMonitor Report

TherapyMonitor is scalable in terms of indication and region, allows for fit-for-purpose research focused on specific target populations, and is based on fully anonymized data.


Treatment Decision and underlying reasons, Demographic Variables, Insurance Information

Initial Diagnosis

Patient and Disease Characteristics, Staging/Grading, Symptoms, Performance Status, Concomitant Diseases, Risk Assessment, Cytogenetics/Genetic Biomarker

Current Status Quo

Current Therapy status (Ongoing, Paused, Remission, Deceased/LTFU), Update/Change on Sociodemographic Variables, Compliance Assessment, Planned Therapy in Case of Disease Progression

Sample TherapyMonitor Report pages overlayed

Reported for each line of treatment:

Induction Therapy

Exhaustive documentation based on single agents approved in Europe, Free regimen composition

Stem Cell Transplantation Measures (if applicable)

Stem Cell mobilization, High-Dose Therapy, Stem Cell Transplantation, Consolidation Therapy, Maintenance Therapy

CAR-T Therapy Measures (if applicable)

Leukapheresis, Bridging, CAR-T Therapy, Institutional Pathway, Follow-Up Monitoring (Lab Assessments/Imaging), Adverse Events

Supportive Therapy and Adverse Event Prophylaxis

Best Achieved Outcomes/Response Assessments

Download a Sample TherapyMonitor Report

Download a sample of our quarterly TherapyMonitor Report to see the different types of analyses we provide.

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