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Our web-based platform, TriNetX Live, puts you at the center of our real-world data and evidence ecosystem. With an interface that’s as powerful as it is easy to use, you can build and analyze cohorts drawn from around the world in just minutes. When you’re ready to invite these patients into a study, connect with their healthcare providers with a few clicks.

Query Builder

Define a cohort as precise and unique as your hypothesis. Query Builder lets you specify diagnoses, procedures, lab values, and more, standing in the temporal and logical relations you want.

Explore Cohort

Instantly uncover a wealth of detail about your patients of interest, from the prevalence of medications prescribed to mean lab values.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze and compare outcomes, reveal treatment pathways, and more with statistically robust tools. Generate tables and graphs for presentation outside of our platform.

TriNetX Connect

Invite the healthcare organizations who provide our data to participate in your study. If your cohort includes patients drawn from their institution, they can re-identify them.