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To understand the patient journey, you may need to dive deeper than aggregate counts and means. Spanning domains from diagnoses to genomic variants, our datasets attribute every observation to a pseudonymized patient ID, encounter, and date, making it straightforward to build robust longitudinal pictures of today’s patients. We deliver the data in a universal, ready-to-use format—17 related CSVs—to give you the freedom to analyze on any application you choose.

See how one of our power users defined his criteria, requested his dataset, and arranged his files to answer a critical question about the relationship between eGFR and heart failure.

Define your cohort.

If you’re a TriNetX subscriber, you already know how to quickly explore billions of health facts and define new research cohorts through our flexible web-based cohort builder.

If you’re new to TriNetX, rest assured that no subscription is required. You and a researcher from our Clinical Sciences team will use this same tool together to build the exact cohort you need. We believe in transparency at every step.

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Review the data.

We’ll carefully review the summary statistics and fill rates with you to make sure your cohort comes with all the data you need to power your analysis. Refine the size and criteria of your cohort until it’s perfect.

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Request and license.

The order process is clear and quick. Our terms grant you rights to the data for one year, with the option to receive refreshed data on your cohort quarterly during that time.

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Within days of finalizing your cohort, we’ll notify you that your files are ready. You can download a compressed folder containing CSV files or import the data directly into your in-house application.

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Get right to work with analysis-ready tables on LUCID!

Skip the downloads and uploads, and take possession of your data in our trusted research environment. LUCID is a powerful notebook environment that supports your code without leaving TriNetX. Explore, analyze, and model with complete control.

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