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Security @ TriNetX

TriNetX understands the critical importance of information protection to our customers and recognizes the contribution information security can make to an organization’s strategic initiatives and overall risk management. TriNetX has therefore adopted security controls and practices that are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer information that is hosted within the TriNetX platform. TriNetX continually works to strengthen and improve those security controls and practices. 

Close view of a chain link fence with green privacy slats.

Privacy @ TriNetX

TriNetX takes privacy and data protection seriously and keeps all data and information entrusted to us strictly confidential. TriNetX enforces strict access controls and will only allow those with the proper credentials to access information and data shared with us, this includes employees, contractors, affiliates, and partners. TriNetX adheres current regulatory requirements in all its jurisdictions to remain compliant with the laws. Our systems and processes are designed with data protection and privacy in mind.

Please find more information about our Expert Determination here. 

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