Researchers can now run complex data analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning using TriNetX to unlock new opportunities with remarkable clinical detail

Cambridge, MA, October 20, 2022 — TriNetX, the global network of healthcare organizations driving real-world research to accelerate the development of new therapies, today announced the launch of LUCID – Trusted Research Environment, a data science product that enables moving data seamlessly to perform complex analytics without ever leaving the TriNetX platform. With LUCID, researchers can now leverage the vast data available on the TriNetX platform or bring in their own data to easily convert real-world data (RWD) into real-world evidence (RWE). LUCID breaks down silos of data so data scientists can work in one collaborative environment without the need to take data off the TriNetX platform.

“LUCID is an evolution of our analytics and insight capabilities,” said Jeff Graham, Vice President Real-World Data and Innovation at TriNetX. “The TriNetX platform has always had the ability to do on-platform advanced analytics that lead to insights, but LUCID takes this capability to another level. It’s like analytics capabilities on steroids.”

LUCID enables researchers to utilize complex statistical tools and artificial intelligence/machine learning within the TriNetX platform, enabling the ability to download data while decreasing the time it takes to explore if the data is fit for purpose. Individuals may use programming languages such as Python, SQL, R, and Scala or pre-built code libraries and notebooks to unlock research possibilities much faster than before.

“Researchers will quickly notice the speed, flexibility, and scalability of LUCID,” said Justin North, Director, Product Management at TriNetX. “LUCID will unleash them so they can go broader and deeper with their analytics projects.”

With LUCID, researchers can conduct analytics faster to increase the number of publications and grants, remove barriers to collaborate with other researchers in real-time, and ultimately impact patient care and outcomes.

“LUCID has shown the ability to break down each step of an analysis for easy validation,” said Jeffrey Warnick, Senior Director of Engineering at TriNetX. “Not only do researchers have more flexibility and control, but they can now see the data right away to test for feasibility.”

There are many use cases in which to leverage the power of LUCID including patient journey analytics, economic evaluation, intervention analysis, patient segmentation, burden of illness, and advanced market assessment.

“The launch of LUCID enables researchers all over the world to generate real-world evidence and collaborate in ways never before possible,” said Gadi Lachman, Chief Executive Officer and President at TriNetX. “LUCID aligns to our mission to continue to build the largest global data and analytics ecosystem that will lead to more discoveries that could save lives on a massive scale.”

LUCID is now generally available. For more information on how you can take advantage of LUCID for your analytics needs, contact us at or click here for more information.




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