LUCID Trusted Research Environment

Work with our real-world data, alone or collaboratively, in our data science coding environment

Get a clear view of the ground truth in minutes.

There are lots of roads to real-world insight. We’re building an expressway. With LUCID, TriNetX users with the relevant coding skills gain the freedom to explore, describe, and model our de-identified patient data. Work independently or collaborate in real-time with our notebook environment to conduct the analyses only you can.

Start with a table of patient characteristics…

Get instant access to a patient-level characteristic table: one row per patient, one column for every diagnosis, procedure, lab value, or other observation you’ve selected as a variable for your analysis. Build shell tables in minutes instead of weeks, and start your modeling project now.

or work from the complete dataset

Write, annotate, and run your code on a full dataset – every observation we have, for every patient in your cohort – in a fast notebook environment. No more downloading, uploading, or manually joining fields from different tables. Skip the data munging and head straight for the discovery.

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