From creatinine levels to cost of care

Travel the full patient journey with integrated EHR and claims data from TriNetX Linked

When it comes to patient journeys, EHR and claims each tell only half the story. Make sure you draw your insights from data that integrates the richest versions of each.

Curated for depth and diversity

Build your custom cohort from patients seen at a cross-section of renowned academic medical centers and major hospital systems, representing all four U.S. regions

Enriched EHR

Go beyond the standard EHR fields with detailed lab results, tumor registry data, and mortality records from obituary databases and the Social Security Administration.

Continuous coverage from 150+ payers

Track the full array of patient journeys with claims data from >150 payers, with enrollment periods overlapping EHR records by an average of 2-3 years

Why EHR and claims? For depth and breadth.

Electronic health records

  • Provides timely, robust data on demographics, diagnoses, encounters, laboratory results, procedures, and medication orders
  • Does not reflect activity outside of the care setting, such as prescription fills
  • For a patient who receives care at more than one hospital, any one EHR record will be incomplete

Medical and prescription claims

  • Tells a continuous clinical story, representing care across provides and inclusive of pharmacy transactions
  • Captures cost
  • Short on clinical detail (lacking lab values, tumor staging information, physicians notes)

You draw the insights. We'll wrangle the data.

TriNetX Linked de-identifies, tokenizes, harmonizes, and continuously refreshes patient data from these disparate sources, enabling you to focus your efforts on generating and testing hypotheses, rather than wrangling real-world data. 

Tokenizing and integrating patient data

Tokenization: The Key to Completeness

Privacy is the first requirement of linking real-world data. How do we accurately match a patient’s EMR data with their claims, when personally identifying information has been removed from both sources before TriNetX sees either one? The answer is tokenization: a process that programmatically creates unique, encrypted keys that can be used to match records to the same patient, without needing to reveal the patient's identity. Our partner in this process, Datavant, is the industry leader in securely connecting health data. Our collaboration with Datavant lets us match and link de-identified data from our claims provider and our healthcare partners with unsurpassed security, efficiency, and accuracy.

Why TriNetX for linked data?

The value of your linked data depends on two factors: the diversity of your payer sources and the richness and recency of your EHR data. By both measures, TriNetX offers an unparalleled solution ideal for complementing your current data mix.

The freshest EHR data, from the forefront of research and care

The healthcare organizations who are part of TriNetX Linked provide their data through a live, federated model, so that new observations, results, and medication orders are available to you every month.

These healthcare organizations represent renowned academic medical centers as well as public and private hospitals, representing all four U.S. census regions and patients of all demographics. Together, they offer an ideal balance of rare and common cases, treated in ways both pioneering and standard.

Therapeutic area

Number of patients

Avg overlap between insurance enrollment and EHR record (years)

Hypertension (I11-I19)

Type II Diabetes (E11)

Chronic kidney disease (N18)

Rheumatoid Arthritis (M05 or M06)

Breast cancer (C50)

Lung cancer (C34)

Hereditary retinal disorders (H35.5)















Linked Patients


African American



Claims from more than 100 commercial and governmental payers

The mix of payers contributing claims data to TriNetX Linked ensures a true picture of health, care, and cost variations.


patients in Linked with a commercial claim


patients in Linked with a Managed Medicaid claim


patients in Linked with a Medicare Advantage claim

Revealing the Patient Journey with Linked Claims and EHR

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