Cambridge, MA, November 11, 2020 — Mediclinic Middle East, located in Dubai, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has joined the TriNetX network to help grow the hospital group’s overall research portfolio and expand its clinical trial opportunities. Mediclinic Middle East is part of the Mediclinic International Group which has three operating divisions in Switzerland, Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia), and the UAE, with plans to further expand into Saudi Arabia.

Mediclinic Middle East operates seven hospitals and 20 clinics with over 900 inpatient beds in the UAE. The group includes the Mediclinic City Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Dubai’s most advanced facility for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. All hospitals in the group have received Joint Commission International accreditation.

Dr. Zakaullah Khan, Senior Corporate Medical Director at Mediclinic Middle East said, “Mediclinic Middle East is an organization that is innovation driven, and research is an integral part of this. We have an established research department and have been involved in research since 2015. TriNetX provides the opportunity to broaden our research profile and become a leading regional research center in areas such as oncology and cardiology. TriNetX, which collaborates with over 170 healthcare organizations worldwide, and with an international platform for research, will allow Mediclinic and the UAE to benefit from the many multicenter research opportunities currently in progress, and deliver cutting edge treatment management to patients in need as quickly as possible.”

TriNetX is the global health research network enabling healthcare organizations (HCOs), biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) to collaborate, enhance trial design, improve site selection and planning, and bring new therapies to market faster. Each member of TriNetX shares in the consolidated value of its global, federated health research network that connects clinical researchers in real-time to the patient populations which they are attempting to study.

TriNetX offers the fastest growing collaborative research network representing HCOs and health data partners spanning 30 countries. TriNetX has presented over 7,800 clinical trial opportunities to its HCO members and has been cited in more than 200 publications.

“We look forward to helping Mediclinic meet its ambitious goals for growing its presence in the area of research,” said Steve Lethbridge, Senior Vice President of Global Healthcare Partnerships at TriNetX. “We are excited about bringing access to clinical trials to the Middle East patient community.”


About Mediclinic
Mediclinic Middle East is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mediclinic International, a UK listed company and operates as an international private healthcare services group, established in South Africa in 1983, with divisions in Switzerland, Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia) and the United Arab Emirates. It also holds a 29.9% interest in Spire Healthcare Group plc, a leading private healthcare group based in the United Kingdom and operates 38 hospitals.

Mediclinic Middle East operates seven hospitals and 20 outpatient clinics with more than 900 inpatient beds in the United Arab Emirates.

Mediclinic is focused on providing specialist, multi-disciplinary services across the continuum of care and is regarded as the most respected and trusted provider of healthcare services by patients, medical practitioners, funders and regulators of healthcare in each of its markets. For more information please visit

About TriNetX
TriNetX is the global health research network that connects the world of drug discovery and development from pharmaceutical company to study site, and investigator to patient by sharing real-world data to make clinical and observational research easier and more efficient. TriNetX combines real time access to longitudinal clinical data with state-of-the-art analytics to optimize protocol design and feasibility, site selection, patient recruitment, and enable discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence. The TriNetX platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. For more information, visit TriNetX at or follow @TriNetX on Twitter. 

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