Do your trial plans include the world’s third largest drug market? 

Analyze claims data from 35 million patients in Japan, right from your web browser.

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Trials that include patients in Japan have an advantage when it comes to regulatory approval in that country, where pharmaceutical sales reached 94B USD in 2020. But approval requires promising results from a well-executed study. Start the process the right way by understanding Japan's patient population, designing a feasible study, and selecting the right trial sites.


Build your custom cohort from 35 million patients in all eight regions of Japan. Our intuitive query builder makes it easy to group patients by common codes and event dates.

Acute Care Hospitals

Patients in our database represent 438 facilities, including 216 with cancer care centers. This breadth ensures representation across patient profiles.

Rich Sources of Real World Data

Integrated data from Japan's national Diagnosis Procedure Combination and health claims capture a wide spectrum of hospital-based services.

Give us 30 minutes, we’ll give you 35 million reasons to explore Japan’s dynamic patient population.

The Japan Claims Network represents 438 acute care hospitals, including 216 cancer care centers, that richly represent all eight regions of Japan. Spend an 30 with us and learn what this resource, and Japan itself, have to offer to your research.


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