Follow the Patient

Prospective patient monitoring powered by expansive and rich real-world data


Monitoring patient cohorts never flowed this easily

TriNetX Follow the Patient lets you “enroll” de-identified patients from around the world into a virtual prospective study, add new patients as new data accrue and then monitor new data for those patients as it arrives.

The strength of TriNetX Follow the Patient rests on volume, depth, and continuous refreshing of our data. Leverage deep and rich TriNetX data to enhance your studies and find real-time answers to your clinical questions.

Select Use Cases

Prospective Monitoring Support Arm

Build an external support arm for your clinical trial generated from real-world data by tracking and additional cohort of patients prospectively. Monitor safety signals and outcomes to support label negotiations, post-marketing commitments, and more.

Active Surveillance of a New Product Launch

Understand how your new product is performing with near real-time real-world data. Measure safety and effectiveness outcomes as they occur, gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of your product’s initial users, and get insights of your product’s launch and diffusion.

External Control Arm

Enhance trial efficiency with an external  control arm for your clinical trial. “Enroll” patients using real-world data to replace a placebo arm – ideal for studies in which a placebo control is unethical.

Long-Term Follow Up of Trial Patients

Now you can use real-world data to follow consented patients post-trial. Monitor patients’ electronic health records, open and closed claims data, and social determinants of health (SDoH) for safety surveillance and evaluation of long-term patient outcomes, all while remaining GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

We have all the tools you need



Readily available

Global, longitudinal and deep


HCO relationships

Path back to patients

Tokenization for data enrichment


Federated network for security and speed

Intuitive tools for cohort definition and analysis


Epidemiologists, clinical data analysts and other evidence professionals to advise on cohort and outcomes

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Follow the Patient – Prospective Monitoring with Real-World Data 

Aired Date: April 12, 2022
Duration: 45 minutes

Learn more about our prospective cohort monitoring and Follow the Patient directly from TriNetX experts.

Jeffrey Brown, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
TriNetX, LLC

Jennifer Stacey
Senior Vice President, Clinical Sciences and Operations
TriNetX, LLC

Justin North
Director of Product Management
TriNetX, LLC

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