Cambridge, MA, April 1, 2021 — Plexus Research, a division of GP InnoVentures (GPIV), an investment and innovation organization based in Adelaide, Australia, is joining the TriNetX global health research network, to help generate greater access to clinical trials and provide a path to market for groundbreaking medical products.

Plexus Research is a site management organization that operates the largest clinical trial network in South Australia with 10 clinics, 40 general practitioners (GPs) as investigators, and a database of 100,000 patients. The organization’s future growth is slated to include 1,600 general practitioners, >400 clinics, and 1.3 million patients across Adelaide.

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs on the TriNetX network will be able to engage Plexus Research’s general practitioner clinics and specialist clinics, enabling these sponsors to select study sites with eligible patients for investigative trials, and to pursue answers to clinical questions with de-identified patient data from South Australia.

“TriNetX is a key element of our strategy to improve access to clinical trials for Australians,” said Suhit Anantula, Founding CEO of Plexus Research. “We are proud to be the first community-focused site management organization to join the TriNetX network in Australia.”

“Plexus and TriNetX represent a great example of innovation in the health and medical sector,” said Stephen Patterson, Minister for Trade and Investment, South Australia. “The collaboration will increase opportunities for global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to conduct clinical trials in the region, as well as improve the local research capabilities and contributions of our general practitioners.”

“TriNetX is pleased to expand the reach of our network to South Australia,” said Steve Lethbridge, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Partnerships at TriNetX. “We are eager to facilitate industry-sponsored research with study sites in the region, and we look forward to supporting Plexus Research’s future plans for growth.”


About Plexus Research
Plexus Research is a community-based drug development partner with a rich and diverse site management organization (SMO) network in Adelaide, Australia. With access to a unique network of general practitioner (GP) investigators and patient populations, and best-in-class technology platform partners, Plexus Research offers end-to-end clinical trial services to local and international pharmaceutical, biotech, MedTech, digital health and clinical research organizations. For more information, visit Plexus Research at

About TriNetX
TriNetX is the global health research network that connects the world of drug discovery and development from pharmaceutical company to study site, and investigator to patient by sharing real-world data to make clinical and observational research easier and more efficient. TriNetX combines real time access to longitudinal clinical data with state-of-the-art analytics to optimize protocol design and feasibility, site selection, patient recruitment, and enable discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence. The TriNetX platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. For more information, visit TriNetX at or follow @TriNetX on Twitter. 

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