Cambridge, MA, January 6, 2022 — TriNetX, the global network of healthcare organizations driving real-world research to accelerate the development of new therapies, has announced the launch of its Bring Your Own Model (BYOM) product, a major step forward for the research community to apply custom machine learning models on global real-world data.

“BYOM provides the building blocks for machine learning with real-world data, and the TriNetX network serves as the global distribution channel to study patients of interest quickly and easily,” said Steve Kundrot, Chief Technology Officer at TriNetX. “TriNetX can now help researchers with distributing custom models across the TriNetX network, as well as provide a path back to the healthcare organizations and ultimately their eligible de-identified patients for clinical trial opportunities.”

“TriNetX end users are now leveraging BYOM to apply predictive risk scoring models to help research teams better understand at-risk cohorts, perform clustering to find different sub cohorts to study and compare outcomes, and to detect eligible cohorts for clinical trial opportunities,” said Jeff Warnick, Director of Engineering at TriNetX.

BYOM may be used to act on potentially life-saving machine learning models whether for retrospective analysis, prospective de-identified observational analysis, or prospective interventional research. End users can deploy their own models using BYOM both on the self-service TriNetX global real-world data platform, as well as offline via dataset downloads. TriNetX’s services team is also available to support the deployment of complex machine learning models.

“BYOM is an ideal way for researchers to leverage global real-world data for machine learning on a variety of use cases across the drug development pipeline,” said Kundrot.


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