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Ready to automate your background rate calculations?

The EVIDEX® Background Rate Analysis Tool provides an instant and cost-effective route to performing background rate analysis for initial signal assessment decisions when a signal is detected in a post-market source or an ongoing clinical study.


  • The EVIDEX® Background Rate Analysis Tool allows users to calculate specific background incidence rates of adverse events for specific underlying conditions within a validated, GVP-IX compliant platform.
  • Background rates are calculated using real-world patient data from TriNetX Dataworks (US) network covering over 50 healthcare organizations and 90 million patient lives.

On-demand background rate calculations within a few clicks. 

Let us help guide you along a paramount, and expensive, step in the pharmacovigilance process of determining if a drug and adverse event pair is occurring at a rate that is higher or lower than the expected background incidence rate.  

What’s Included:

Users can calculate background incidence rates in minimal steps: select data source, underlying condition(s), and the preferred term – that simple!
Background rates can be provided for adverse events within any indication or disease area(s) of interest. Contact our team to discuss which indications you’d like to explore.
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