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Discover how TriNetX brings innovation to clinical trial DESIGN & OPTIMIZATION.

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Empowering Diversity in Clinical Trials


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From clinical trial innovation, planning, management, and operations – here are the top things covered during the SCOPE Summit 2024.

In case you missed the conference this year or want the cliff notes to help capture all the in-depth information covered, our thought leaders have summarized their key takeaways just for you. Click here to download your SCOPE Summit 2024 visual report.


Advancing innovation in clinical trials with TriNetX

Representative Trial Design & DEI

Designing inclusive clinical trials, conducting site feasibility, and connecting patients with relevant trials is a challenge — one TriNetX is committed to helping solve. Watch how TriNetX plays a pivotal role in bringing life science companies and healthcare organizations together for better patient outcomes.

Closing Gaps in Patient Diversity Within Clinical Trials Using Real-World Data

Learn how to use real-world data on the TriNetX platform to explore patient diversity, identify gaps, and attain guidance to recommend and improve diversity in clinical trials and investigator-initiated studies.

Improving Access to Clinical Trials for Underrepresented Patient Populations Using Real-World Data and TriNetX’s Diversity Lens

Evaluate the impact of eligibility criteria on your trial’s enrollment of underrepresented patient populations. With these results, study teams can better adjust criteria and seek out partner organizations caring for the patients who qualify for their study.

Building Your Rare Disease Cohort with Real-World Data

In this webinar, you’ll learn the best practices for defining a rare disease cohort from real-world data, using methods that go beyond a handful of diagnosis codes. Regardless of your current real-world data source, our clinical sciences team will show you how to conduct a “deep search” using laboratory, procedure, medication, and biomarker data to uncover patient records that do not always include a formal diagnosis.

Missed us at SCOPE?

Explore the essence of the 2024 SCOPE conference through this infographic, capturing the core insights, innovative ideas, and collaborative energy that defined the event.

Posters & Publications

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes and save lives. This mission resonates beyond the walls of our organization, echoing in the corridors of our esteemed health care and industry partners. Every decision, innovation and feature is fueled by our unwavering dedication to positively influence human health.

Going Beyond What’s Possible

As a global force, TriNetX continues to navigate uncharted territories with an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare ecosystem.

Far beyond being a repository of information, TriNetX serves as a strategic partner in connecting health systems, providers, and researchers worldwide through our extensive real-world patient data that runs a mile wide and a mile deep.

From trial operations to evidence generation, we put you at the forefront of discovery. ​


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