Demanding Depth from Your Global Real-World Cancer Data

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No two cancers are completely alike. Differences in primary site, histology, stage, biomarkers, and more all factor into treatment planning. This understanding drives today’s cancer care, bench research, and trials. Are we demanding the same level of depth from our real-world data?

Learn how to better evaluate your potential sources of real-world oncology data. In this webinar, our experts discuss the importance of data elements that span cancer type, patient biomarkers and history, treatment, and outcome. You’ll learn why U.S. data alone is not always enough, why it’s critical to draw on cancer registries at both academic and community hospitals, and how getting a clear picture of medical history before and after the cancer diagnosis is essential to moving personalized care forward. Finally, we present our solutions for delivering both structured and curated, unstructured data through datasets  and a 100+ hospital network you can query on demand.