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Our team of analysts, epidemiologists, and evidence strategists represent decades of world-class training and experience. Partner with us to uncover solutions to your research challenges.

Meet the Team

Pam Landsman-Blumberg
MPH, DrPH, Vice President

Before TriNetX
Merck  ●  Truven Health Analytics  ●  Xcenda

Herman Chen
MA, Senior Director

Before TriNetX
Huron  ●  FTI Consulting  ●  Xcenda

Seth Kuranz
PhD, MPH, Director

Before TriNetX
DRG  ●  Boston Medical

Harry Jin
PhD, MPH, Principal Epidemiologist

Before TriNetX
Gilead  ●  ICON ●  San Francisco Department of Public Health

Kaylen Brzozowski
MPH, Senior Analyst

Before TriNetX
Yale School of Public Health ●  EIP (Emerging Infections Program)

Elnara Fazio-Eynullayeva
MA, Associate Epidemiologist

Before TriNetX
Trinity Partners  ●  Truven Health Analytics ●  Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Allison Maresca
Senior Project Manager, Chart Review Team

Before TriNetX
COTA  ●  NYU Langone Health ●  Ogilvy Health

Beni Turner
Associate Manager, Chart Review Team

Before TriNetX
Xcenda ●  Navitus ● Outcomes Research Solutions, Inc.

Consulting Spotlight

Characteristics and Mortality Outcomes Among COVID-19 OutPatients in the United States

A collaboration with Merck & Co., Inc. and MSD (UK) Ltd.
Presented at ECCMID 2021

“The probability of all-cause 180-day mortality increased with greater levels of care received, 0.9% outpatient, 5.5% inpatient (without ICU), 26.7% ICU (without IMV/ECMO), and 39.4% ICU with IMV/ECMO  (p<0.001)… The probability of all-cause 180-day mortality was significantly in American Indian or Alaska Native (5.0%) and Black or African American (3.9%) races compared to White or Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander races (both, 2.9%) (p<0.001).”