Together While We’re Apart

Maintaining the TriNetX culture during COVID-19


TriNetX has always strived to create a warm, supportive culture for our people. We have been working hard during the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that TriNetX remains an inviting and rewarding place to work.

Throughout the crisis, TriNetX has continued to conduct business as usual. We converted to a total remote workforce and have remained a highly functional team, staying supportive and collaborative throughout what has been a very difficult time.

Our leadership made the deliberate decision as an organization to keep our workforce completely intact and continue to grow TriNetX in the U.S. and around the world.

We are determined to stick together and meet the challenges of the pandemic as a united team.

Supporting Our Team

TriNetX has launched a number of initiatives to provide support for all members of our team during this challenging time and maintain the critical connection among our employees.

Staying Social

  • Virtual coffee breaks and happy hours
  • A number of various care packages for employees throughout quarantine
  • Ongoing digital initiatives on Slack for employees to share their personal interests, hobbies, families, and provide support for each other

Promoting Wellness

  • Regular exercise challenges
  • Unique “choose your own” activity tags and sharing
  • Meditation app subscription available for all

Having Fun

  • Online cooking classes
  • Online Trivia and Escape the Room
  • Photo challenge

What TriNetX is saying…

“The company has responded quickly to the crisis in a positive, thoughtful, and sensitive manner.”
“These efforts have made us feel valued and important.”
“The engagement and support and encouragement have been huge.”
"Management being understanding of schedules and workloads has been helpful.”
“The shirts were such a nice gesture. I’m feeling very isolated, but the shirt made me feel part of something bigger, like we were all in this together.”
“I can truly say that TriNetX really cares for their employees every single day and it is just amazing!”

We’re Hiring

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