Follow the Patient: Prospective Monitoring with Real-World Data

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What if you could combine the richness and volume of real-world data with the objectivity of prospective monitoring? Now you can. By tagging a cohort in TriNetX for active surveillance, you can “enroll” de-identified patients from around the world into a virtual study – in days, if not immediately – then monitor new data for those patients as it arrives. Follow the Patient lets you:

  • conduct your own prospective cohort study, at a bare fraction of the cost and operational burden,
  • add a prospective support arm to your interventional trial, with no patient consent required,
  • capture outcomes from the experimental and control arms of your trial well beyond the last visit, by tagging study participants who consent to long-term monitoring.

Learn from our real world data experts how Follow the Patient can help you generate better evidence for decision-making, publication, and regulatory submission.