Researchers at Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre conducted the study utilizing European real-world data on the TriNetX platform

Cambridge, MA, April 4, 2022 — TriNetX, the global network of healthcare organizations driving real-world research to accelerate the development of new therapies, enabled researchers at Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre to leverage European real-world data for a study that found that multiple myeloma (MM) patients were more likely to contract the COVID-19 virus and suffer a higher risk of mortality than non-MM patients.

Results of the study were reported in an article published in the Blood Cancer Journal, a Q1 medical journal ranked fourth in impact of all hematology publications. The article, “Impact of COVID-19 in Patients with Multiple Myeloma Based on a Global Data Network,” was developed by researchers led by Dr. Joaquin Martinez-Lopez at Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre. The hospital’s research team leveraged real-world data from the hospital’s patient population as well as from TriNetX’s EMEA Collaborative Network that included 9.8 million patients from 15 healthcare organizations (HCOs) and TriNetX’s Global Collaborative Network of 82 million patients from 68 HCOs. The study found that the number of new MM diagnoses were lower, while the mortality rates of MM patients were higher during the pandemic.

“It’s extraordinary that such a study using digital-only data could be published in such a high impact, Q1 publication like Blood Cancer Journal,” said Dr. Martinez-Lopez. “The speed at which we were able to complete the study was also impressive. From the time the study criteria were first typed into the TriNetX platform through peer review to completion to acceptance took only four months. Most researchers would love to have that type of accelerated study timeline. A similar study using experimental data could take years to complete.”

The TriNetX network consists of healthcare organizations across the world that support responsible data sharing in the interest of finding cures and getting new therapies to patients in need. An important facet of the network is TriNetX’s conservative approach to security and governance. HCOs utilize TriNetX to conduct analyses of patients with standardized terminologies, to publish their findings in prestigious medical journals, to collaborate with peer institutions, and to increase their opportunities to participate in industry-sponsored clinical trials and chart review opportunities.

“The publication of Dr. Martinez-Lopez’s study is a prime example of a benefit that the TriNetX network brings to researchers at healthcare organizations,” said Laura Meloni, Vice President, EU Data Networks at TriNetX. “TriNetX members are able to build on their research and publish more. It’s truly a value add for them.”

The article is currently available for download at the Blood Cancer Journal website at,)%20than%20non%2DMM%20patients


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